Both Mantel Global Industries and the Promise Hand rely on several vehicles to both move around quickly and attack enemy positions.

Mantel VehiclesEdit

MTL boxcar

The L-48 Mantel "Boxcar" Buggy

L1-48 Mantel "Boxcar" Buggy 

The primary vehicle utilised for land transportation by Mantel Troopers. This sturdy vehicle features an on-board computer for navigation (which can apparently sense whether or not the vehicle is in the air), a shock-absorbed 360 degree rotating .50 BMG turret and two "steps" on the sides of the vehicle that can be ridden by Troopers for fire support or movement of squadrons over long distances.

Due to its shape, it can be very difficult to attack troopers mounted on the boxcar from behind, although they will be able to shoot back with ease. Although the large bulk of the boxcar makes it an easy target for anyone with a rocket launcher.


A pair of Mantel tanks on the battlefield

[Designation Unknown] - Tank

This appears to be a heavily modified L1-48 Boxcar, with the .50 BMG turret swapped out for a large cannon, the driver compartment is completely sealed, and the additional riding space has been removed in favour of more armour and possibly magazine space for the cannon.

The tank is only encountered once, on the Mantel Land carrier, where it stands between you and the hangar.  It is completely indestructible (tested by firing 20 rockets directly at it).

MTL Madam

The X-79 Mantel Dropship

X-79 Mantel Dropship

The X-79 drop-ship is Mantel's primary transport for long distance travel.  They are very versatile, as they can hold either a pod full of troops or a vehicle (often with a full crew inside).  It can then rapidly return to base to pickup more reinforcements or loiter over the field and attack targets with its minigun and rocket pods (and if the troop pod is still attached, a pair of .50 BMG turrets). This, combined with their sheer numbers makes them a very great threat on the battlefield.

Mantel Land Carrier

See main page "Mantel Land Carrier "

Promise Hand VehiclesEdit

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