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Hi please deface this game cos this game is shit and gay.

This game is not shit and gay. I know that the voice acting is terrible and the graphics are horrible, but the story is unique and well written. It's a good game, just rushed, that's all.

This Wiki has been abandoned.  If anyone with a wiki account is reading this, please send an Adoption Request to Community Central or make someone else aware of this issue.

Having an incactive wiki in an unfinished state will not help anyone (especally considering that it is currently fully open to vandalisim that will likley go un-noticed for a very... VERY long time.  In fact, this Wiki is experiancing just that as you read this, so please hurry.

Even if the below time and date are a very long time in the past, please send said request, as time will not heal these wounds.

Wedensday 7th August 2013; 13:25 UTC.

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