72614-HZ Rebel Squad

Squadron of Promise Hand soldiers.

Overview Edit

The Rebels, otherwise known as the Promise Hand, is a militia army brought together by Gabriel Merino in response to the invasion of the region by Mantel's private army.

In HAZE the player (Shane Carpenter) is initially fighting against the Promise Hand army, who had recently shot down a transport plane and stolen it's cargo: several crates containing Nectar administrators, originally intended for use by Mantel's troopers.

Unlike Mantel, the Promise Hand has very limited resources at it's disposal.  This means that they have naturally become very effective at using things to the maximum possible effect.

Leadership Edit

The promise hand is lead by Gabriel "Skin Coat" Merino, who founded the faction to help defend his homeland from the invasion by Mantel Global Industries (who were only there so they could burn plants that could be used to synthesise Nectar in order to maintain the monopoly on its global production).

Trivia Edit

  • It is stated by Merino that until the initial invasion by mantel took place, there "was no army to even speak of".

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